Why Should We Never Tire From Our Desire To Outlast Our Biggest Fears?

It's a long and winding road....

If we tire from our efforts to overcome fear, and quit without giving our very best, we send the wrong message to those watching us (Family). You can never fail in not quitting, even if you fail to reach your goal.

Insight: We may never become a great Christian, but in tirelessly and passionately trying to be one, God will be well pleased.

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How Do We Outlast Fear?

I’ve learned it’s possible to break free of excuses – one day at a time.

There are probably as many ways to outlast fear as there are people in the world. We each have our own unique way of getting through the day’s priorities. And we can smile, knowing that we truly are unique, just like everyone else.

Insight: Making excuses because “our situation is different” is like hiring the devil as a consultant.

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