First time for everything

Nursing home room
The floor pad next to the recliner chair at 5:00AM.


Volunteered to spend the night in Cedarbrook’s D221B room.

While this happened, Americans set their clocks back one hour.

Today is November 5, 2017.

Eight hours of sleep with a couple waking moments as Nurses performed their overnight duties.

i’d never slept on the floor at the bedside of a Nursing Home resident until last night/this morning.

And yesterday’s funeral service for my 91-year old Father-In-Law was a beautiful Earthly send off to a Heavenly and Eternal resting place.

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Fear Of Being Incapacitated?

Back Then, You Could Die Flying
Back Then, You Could Die Flying

Are you ready to die? Most don’t like to think about it. Ever wonder why this is so?

Two weeks ago on a flight to Allentown, Pennsylvania, I asked the woman (70-ish) next to me about death and dying. Long story, but it was neither awkward nor inappropriate.

The woman said she was not afraid of death. She told me “her life story” but added at the end, she was afraid of two things:

  1. Having no control over things
  2. Becoming a burden

While visiting Family in Allentown, I asked some direct questions.  The answers were fuzzy, meaning I left with no more insight than when I arrived.