Bank on the unexpected

Quote on habits
Photo: From Facebook. Habits are the secret weapon against going through the motions.


A big part of what throws us off center is the unexpected things that are guaranteed to happen. Some are ‘good’ and some are ‘bad’.

One of life’s greatest opportunities is to be remarkably flexible when the ‘bad’ happens and extraordinarily grateful when the ‘good’ happens.

In essence, and in a perfect world, we would never be crushed by anything, even though we are human. We would also find joy in abundance – everyday, all day.

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Only Faith In Your Vision Will Land You Your First Lucky Break

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

Faith. What is there in business without Faith? Even if you run out of money, you should never run out of positivity. You do, after all, believe in the power of your dream, right? Your positive attitude, your faith, your passion – all of these create a recipe for success. And eventually, a lucky break that only comes after years of toiling.

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Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen…

Nashville, TN - Music City, USA
So many people want to sing for a living. Few actually make it.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen… Remember that song? Dear Son (and many readers), only someone who’s climbed the mountain, crossed the desert, swam the channel, can know what it takes. It takes everything you’ve got, and then some. And eventually, your lucky break…

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