Fighting for survival severely strains thriving.


In our exhaustion from the daily grind, an opportunity presents itself everyday. Except it’s probably invisible to most of us. Maybe the decently self-aware person doesn’t miss it. Who knows for sure?

If no one is immune from life’s demands, how do some seem to make the obvious first choice?

Survive or thrive.


All are eligible to thrive.

All of us?

It would certainly seem so.

We should never judge others on their perceived luck or privilege. This would certainly start looking like an excuse. Denial. We don’t need any more of that in our life.

But it sure beats trying to do the challenging work of learning how to thrive despite the hell we all go through.

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Dang, I’m exhausted

photo of hand-painted art
looks like super dad has dropped his keys


Dang, I’m exhausted. Does this count as a blog post? I mean, it’s 8pm, and bedtime. Two hours ago I fell asleep breifly in the school parking lot before picking up our Son.

In fact, writing this post from bed, on an iPhone, listening to Brad Paisley. I was gonna skip a day, but my brand promise is five a day…

* * * * *

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