Palm Sunday and the meaning of life

Google maps route Salt lake to Reno
Orlando to Salt Lake to Reno to the blue spot lower left


Tedy Bear in Lake Tahoe sweatshirt at airport
Very lucky bear, yet he misses his owner


Palm Sunday and the meaning of life. Up at 4am. Wheels up 7:20am. Couple flights. One bus ride.

One day swimming in a backyard pool. The next, Palm Sunday, sharpening the saw amongst snow covered mountains and a famous high altitude lake.

Hidden message in it all is that hard work and a dream ultimately have their moments. And lead beyond typical expectations.

We’re still following our big dreams, right?

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Happy 29th wedding anniversary Cheryl (reprise)

love is
amazing what love can do…in any way, shape, or form
Midlife Celebration
walked to Lincoln Memorial from hotel, stayed for an hour or so, June 24, 2012

Happy 29th wedding anniversary Cheryl (reprise), from Washington DC. While we are 943 miles apart, the distance is irrelevant. Ask any soldier, their spouse, children, family. They get it. We should too. See ya real soon!

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