Would Your Life Change?

When was the last time our attitude changed this much?

Sabal Palm before hurricane trim
30 Florida State trees in our yard


Sabal Palm after hurricane trim
Was a DIY tree trimmer for 15 years


When was the last time our attitude changed so dramatically because we made a scary, expensive decision that cost us more money than we were comfortable with?

But saved us precious time and worry –  something we had only dreamed of?

When? Maybe too long ago?

We create a certain magic when we are decisive, creative, and daring.

We’ve all been there a few times in our life. Maybe it’s been awhile.

Man, feels great, right!

I often wonder what would happen if we did it more often?

This afternoon when the Housekeepers arrive and become a regular fabric of home life… maybe it will be a game changer.

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