You were born for this

So much work to get to Episode 2, Season 3. No one will believe it except my Family and Jody Maberry the host, who witnessed it all.

If my life were cut short, this podcast would be the parting gift to everyone i love, everyone i’ve worked with, and everyone who dreams of a life that we’ve generally been told isn’t achievable – personal vibrancy (aka balance).

Fresh, different, crazy.

Exactly what you’ve hoped for?


#ifdisneyranyourlifepodcast from Kuwait last week.

Now today, January 31, 2020 it’s @ WDW Cast Exclusive location.

Less than 15 minutes.

A 1982 personal Disney story.

Application to setting your bar high (as if Disney ran your life).

72-hour challenge.

Each episode builds on the previous.

The free opportunity of a lifetime?

For now.

(PS. i don’t read facebook updates, nor comments, nor FB messages. But i do return texts, emails, and phone calls usually same day, and 99.9% within 24 hrs: 407-538-4341 [email protected])

Google “If Disney Ran Your Life podcast

Peace and blessings immeasurable.

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