Why attend High School reunions?

Singing Cashier with Disney Speaker
Singing Cashier, Antonio (with Stephanie and Julonia?) at Orlando International Airport.


The City Beautiful, yesterday, October 26, 2017.
A noon flight to Philly gave us this view of Orlando as we made our ascent to 35k’ feet.


Philadelphia Housing Authority truck
Love the logo design…stuck in traffic…photo opp. Their slogan: Opening doors to opportunities.


Ordering iPhone X opening day
Ordered iPhone X the minute it went on sale – 3:01AM ET.


Big day yesterday.

No rush out the door though.

Flight not until noon.

Almost to our gate, we witness a cashier doing an over-the-top Guest interaction.

Told Cheryl, “Guarantee you he’s on You Tube.”

Got a nice rental car upgrade in Philly.

Nice dinner – maybe the best lobster ever.

Set alarm for 2:55am to cue up the iPhone X purchase the minute it went on sale at 3:01AM Orlando time (12:01AM Cupertino time).

The reason for the trip is to attend my 40th High School reunion.

Potentially my last chance.

Why not take it?

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