Happy present moment

December 31, 2019. On a bicycle. Yesterday.

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.


Every day i wake and want to save the world and savor the world. This used to make it a challenge to plan the day. But now i see that the two are actually inseparable.

i didn’t plan my life to have these things in my bio. But because they are in the bio, i am compelled to use this for humanity’s good.

BIO: Jeff Noel is a two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. He retired in 2014 as Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker. He spent 30 years in various leadership roles at the Walt Disney World Resort, including 15 years at Disney Institute where he worked with 2,000 organizations and spoke to more than one-million people globally. He continues to help people and organizations .think .differently about everything.

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