Work so no one would believe it!

personal integrity
my goal is to become the kind of person my Dog thinks I am

Work hard at everything you do. Work so hard, that if anyone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it!

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PS. I keep coming back to this thought. Profoundly simple. Simply profound.

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  1. Jeff,

    I refer to brother of that concept as the “but clause.” I tell my college students I teach, “Behave in such a way that no one should ever describe you with a compliment of your behavior followed by a ‘but clause’ after it.” For example, someone asks, “What kind of worker is Joe?” You don’t want the answer to be full of all the great things Joe does followed by a comment like, “But you have to watch out for Joe – he can’t be trusted” or “But Joe takes credit for everyone else’s work” or “But Joe loses his temper easily so don’t ever disagree with him or he’ll make you pay.”

    The bottom line is this – live like you are always being watched, because whether you realize it or not, you are. And to tie to yours, work in such a way that any skepticism about you would be readily dismissed as false.


  2. Bob, until becoming a teacher, I was clueless we are being watched every minute of every day. As always, thank you for your insights. Have an awesome Thursday.

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