One great suggestion before you give up hope

walk the dog
walking through the woods with Cooper
unspectacular photos
unspectacular photo taken May 4, 2012 returning from walking our Lab. see the redhead?

Before you give up hope on having balance in your life, may I ask you something? Do you even know what you’re looking for? Most don’t. I didn’t.

Our journey can become massively disrupted by various wake-up calls. What scares the heck out of us might also become the best thing that’s ever happened.

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  1. Jeff,

    I know I have had my share of wake-up calls recently as calls for balance in my life. Now that I have heeded those calls, my mind and heart are going, “Okay, now what, Lord?” That’s when God reminds me about the concept of faith. 🙂


  2. Patty, they are blessings. We need to make them blessings otherwise we might be permanently damaged.

    Is it possible to “change the oil every 3,000 miles” so as to avoid most of those calls?

  3. Bob, wishing you great adventure as you listen for the answers that may take some time to come. And patience too. Have an awesome Monday!

  4. Good question and scenario; preventative maintenance to ease life’s blessings.

    One story sticks in my mind: My client running out of money and abandoned by her local family is forced to enter a nursing facility. Her niece from FL comes up to help her with the paperwork and transition. (FL folks are so wonderful.) still my client , of course, is distressed. We talk. I tell her she doesn’t know why she is on this life path, but she is destined to impact someone’s life in a positive manner at the facility. That great things are ahead for her. Be excited; move forward — she has blessings to share. First moments in her new setting she discovers her roomate is an old childhood friend. Both women are happier than they have been in a longtime. From painful adversity blooms joy. Thank God.

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