One of life’s most overlooked opportunities suffocates us

Disney Casting Center unique Disney door knobs
One good turn deserves another.


Midlifers at Disney's Casting Center
Creating Magic? Finally meeting after six years.


Why do we let what we can’t do stop us from what we can do?

How do you thank someone for their overwhelmingly remarkable demonstration of community?

One of life’s most overlooked opportunities suffocates us. And it happens so slowly, we don’t even notice.

We fear failing or embarrassment, so we wait and do nothing. This poisons our soul.

What if we simply did what we could, even if it felt small?

Because haven’t we been taught since childhood that it’s the little things that count?

Yesterday was unexpected proof.

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  1. These were not little things, they were huge. We had so much fun and made so many memories.

  2. It’s realizing that we can go the extra inch versus the extra mile. This allows us to create little wows all day, everyday.

    The extra mile is special, but not scalable.

    Great service needs to be scalable.

  3. Oooooo…what’s this little comments reply thing? Donna, can you see me? Donna can you hear me? (wait…is that Roger Daltrey?) 🙂

    Donna, this all looks awesome! I’m so happy this happened!

  4. Craig, it was, as they say, magical. Once in a lifetime, yet we all only turn 63 once in a lifetime so who do I think I am?

  5. Jeff just noticed that Mlc blog is the only one that I can reply to a comment directly. Is that be design?

  6. I have to think that magical moments are just part of the life of a fairy! 🙂

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