Why would putting last things first be a game-changing approach?

Father and Son talking during neighborhood walk
We work so hard, our Family gets the crumbs of our energy and time (photo: Cheryl Noel)


Why would putting last things first be a game-changing approach? Sounds weird, eh?

Think of our stereotypical end of life issues:

  • health
  • regrets
  • pain
  • worry
  • fear

If we attacked the root cause of those typical end-of-life challenges early on and were purposeful, well, now does it make sense?

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  1. Boomers famously “invented” workaholism, and now are often spending their older years trying to make up for lost family time. Gen Xers have come to love the idea of work/life balance, but now the Eco-Boomers are blending work and life. How can Boomers help Gen Ys (Eco-Boomers) from repeating the same workaholic tendencies without sounding preachy or condescending? Or is work/life blending a different and better form of work, and not the return of workaholism?

  2. Andy, time will tell if the “model” or pattern is changing.

    What can Boomers do.

    Work hard to reThink – rePrioritize – recommit, and be an example rather than a warning.

    That’s what Mid Life Celebration is all about.

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