When it is intentionally harnessed with purpose, gratitude, hope, and joyful expectation

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The attitude that there are still unbelievable breakthroughs ahead is either arrogant, or appropriate


The crazy thing about attitude is how powerful it is when it is intentionally harnessed with purpose, gratitude, hope, and joyful expectation.

We rarely pause to reflect on this.

But when we do, it’s inspiring.

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  1. Jeff,

    You are so right! We are often “so busy” that we don’t stop to realize that by stopping and reflecting, the “busy-ness” could be redirected. It reminds me of that cartoon of the cavemen working hard to try to push a wagon with square wheels while another caveman is behind them with a round wheel. And they are saying to the one with the round wheel, “We don’t have time to listen to you. Can’t you see we’re busy?”


  2. Bob, pausing and rethinking looks like a person is doing nothing…. you know, being unproductive.

    Few of us want to leave the impression we are being unproductive.

    This becomes an insidious habit.

    Thank you for the square-wheel-caveman story… perfect analogy. đŸ™‚

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