There is often very little room in our lives to simply do this

having fun at Apple
try to have as much fun making and keeping promises as you can


tech savvy Boomers
A dad promised his son he (the dad) wouldn’t become a digital neanderthal


There is often very little room in our lives to simply do this:

Live fully present, consciously aware of everything, and yet relaxed, in enjoyment, in spite of the chaos of daily life.

Living in the moment requires focus and emotion. We been trained to focus on the work before us. But it’s the emotional part that gets left behind in our daily race to do everything for everybody.

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  1. This is a really good PICTURE of both of you… Jeff you have a really nice family… I was glad that I had the chance to meet your beautiful wife and son at your “ceremony”.

    You are a good sample for a lot of people… the world need man and woman with your spirit for live, laugh and enjoy every minute.


  2. Thank you Sara. We should live true to ourselves. It can take a lifetime to figure it out, and we should work tirelessly until we do figure it out.

    And then we should live that way until we die. 🙂

    PS. Thanks for visiting and saying hi.

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