In midlife we see what we want to see

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Disney’s Magic Kingdom before Park opening


In midlife life we see what we want to see. Often, because of the many pressures on our time and energy, we don’t see much at all.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Hey Jeff,
    Glad to see you are “enjoying the ride” during retirement. Is it strange that I still awaken before the sun comes up? Great way to greet the day, and now appreciate every minute.

    Hope you are well!

  2. Susan, what a delightful surprise to see you here. Thanks for visiting (and commenting).

    You are not strange. 🙂

    Morning is such a gift.

    To greet the day as it slowly arrives is to lay the foundation for the gift to enjoy the day’s blessings as well as to sow as many blessings to others as possible.

    Hope Disney retirement is treating you exceptionally well.

    Greetings from downtown Denver. Here on business. Life is good. 🙂

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