Did you pre-order resolutions?

Stop and smell the roses, or, watch the sunset. Last night on the second story roof. Without pausing a busy life, resolutions, their power, and a plan to commit, are ignored.

Did you pre-order resolutions?


Your New Years resolutions, did you order them in advance?

i think it must be my Disney upbringing.


How i laugh at the old me and how i approached New Years resolutions for the first 45 years of my life.

The transformational power of Disney’s world-class, time-tested business approach has created a personal culture that is by design, not by default.

i have learned to be intentional where i use to be unintentional, or oblivious.

Reading between the lines: if you wait until December to decide on your New Years resolution, you’ve waited too long – waiting too long means you’re not committed.

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