Make no mistake, the one thing art requires above all others

Santa's milk and cookies
We awoke yesterday to Christmas mysteries, like milk & cookies from the night before.


This morning as we start thinking about New Years, personally pulling for all of us to recognize the guts we all know we have, yet almost neglect to the point of starvation.

Will we change the rules we live by in 2014?

The rules that would help us be our true, authentic, amazing self?

Beyonce made up her own set of rules…caught people off guard, and flipping slayed status quo…

Are you an artist? Wait, not with paint or music…

Will we become the artist we are destined to release to the world?

Art is doing things differently. Or better. Sometimes both. And differently isn’t even necessarily ‘better’, it’s just different.

Art always involves guts. Make no mistake. Having guts is art.

Who knew?


In 2014, just go.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Live like you mean it.

That, too, is art.

A year from now, we’ll wish we would have started this week.

We can work together to light up our courage to do all those things we promised ourselves long ago.

Peace and blessings.

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