All motivation becomes self-motivation

All motivation becomes self-motivation.

As an adolescent and young adult, basically until we move out on our own, we can be “force motivated” by parents, teachers, peer pressure, and media.

Eventually we learn that motivation from others isn’t powerful anymore because we’ve reached an age and belief that we can make our own choices.

We can do whatever we please.

Staying highly motivated over our lifetime is work.

Our work ethic drives the depth and effectiveness of our habits – and vice versa.

Habits control our behaviors.

Our habits (hence our behaviors) are birthed and strengthened by our motivation.

And everything we receive in life is affected by our habits.

Habits that do one of two things:

  1. help us grow strong and thrive
  2. don’t help our growth and accelerate our decline

An underrated habit is continuously choosing to have habits that are by design rather than by default – or vice versa.

This underrated habit forges your destiny.

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