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Officially announced Thanksgiving Day, 2014.


Email excerpt from yesterday…i read this in the Church parking lot (waiting for traffic to clear) before heading home…

It’s been a couple of years since we spoke. The last time we had a conversation I was working for Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale and after purchasing your book, we worked out a time to speak by phone. Since then I have pursued life a bit differently….here’s a list of some of my favorite quotes from you:

It’s simply easier to do scary things than it is to think about doing scary things, even though it seems backward.
The emotional burden and drag on our attitude are insidiously heavy when we carry around unfulfilled and untried ideas.
Rather try and fail than play it safe.
Playing it safe leads to regrets.
Regrets that we discount and accumulate to the point of suffocation?

The biggest difference between those focused on thriving and those focused on surviving is the gap in their beliefs.
The gap between rising every day believing you owe the world your best or rising every day and believing it would be safer (better) to hold back.
We can’t fail if we don’t try.
To even think for a minute that there’s an ounce of validity in that last statement is, well, insidiously influential.

Do we spend too much time in Tomorrowland?
We make a lifetime habit of going after the easy stuff on our
to do lists.
We’ll get to the hard stuff, “Tomorrow”.
Our long-term dreams are so easy to postpone because
tomorrow always sounds promising.
You never get the chance to grow bigger than your dreams.
So why would we ever abandon our ridiculously impossible

These quotes have not only helped me but have helped countless others on their ‘journey’…and hopefully your book sales.

Ok, back to my voice…
It has not helped book sales. The book is still available on Amazon here.

PS. There’s nothing monetarily involved for me if you buy a copy. i’d literally need to sell 10k books to make what i make from one out-of-state keynote speech.

PSS. The reason to encourage you to buy this book is simple – it has the catalytic power to start the transformation you’re longing for.


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