Mid Life Pace

Clearly Ahead Or Clearly Behind?
Clearly Ahead Or Clearly Behind?

Happy Friday everyone and thank you for visiting Mid Life Celebration. Ever work really hard for a really long time and wonder how you’ll keep your pace going?

What many great leaders do is celebrate the journey, not just reaching the final goal. They learn the power of celebrating milestones.

In our personal and professional lives, we face this same challenge. How to keep a fast and steady pace to accomplish all that’s expected of us.

The secret?  Celebrate milestones. Are you familiar with this concept?

Milestones are what you make them. There is no science to it, other than to simply find things to celebrate and feel good about, because the goal is to keep your midlife pace going.

The alternative is to lose interest and quit.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a few Mid Life Celebration milestones and invite you to share some of your own.

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