Bury Me In Green (kidding)
Bury Me In Green (kidding)

Are you afraid to die?


Or maybe, why not?

It’s a funny thing that people who are afraid of death could think the people who think about it are fatalistic.

Intriguing thought.  One that never crossed my radar screen.

Unil two days ago.

Here’s the deal.   We should be talking about death and planning for it the same way we talk about:

  • getting an education
  • interviewing for a job
  • paying off a mortgage
  • finding a life mate
  • planning vacations

You see, the reality is, those things are just like death, they are things humans (with mortgages) go through.

Death is simply another thing on the list, except for one tiny little challenge.

It scares people more than anything (except public speaking).

And I can’t figure out why.

Could be that I’m completely off base on this.

Could be that I’m hitting the bulls eye.

So, let’s review:

  • We’re born
  • We die

Why not face the obvious with the same thoughtfulness any professional person approaches life’s other routine events.

Oh, and you did get the memo right?  The only thing you can really plan on is the one about death.  All the  others could go either way (successfully or unsuccessfully).

Death is the only one we will all successfully accomplish.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, when I was a young Lieutenant I was invincible…we all were.

    Then I created a family and all of a sudden I was mortal and while I wasn’t worried about my own safety for my own sake I was very worried about what would happen to my wife and 4 daughters if I wasn’t there to take care of them.

    After all, I was their provider, their protector, their leader.

    As my family grows up and leaves the nest I’m less worried about it. They will all survive without me but I don’t want to put them through that challenge until they are all on their own two feet.

    It makes sense to me…how about you?

  2. Skip, being a Father (or head of a household unit) sure enough makes you think differently. Some don’t accept the responsibility of adulthood. Most do.

    It has changed the way I look at everything.

    You sometimes hear me say, “These five blogs are to leave a trail for our son (9)”.

    Give them roots and give them wings. Same thing happens in nature.

    Wonder if wild animals have a serenity prayer….

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