What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Biggest fear is also the biggest excitement. The path ahead.

Okay, who wants to share? Or are you afraid to? No? Okay, cool. What’s your biggest fear?

Common sense Insight: Always be willing to go first if you initiate something…

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  1. Patty, losing a child, indeed. As best we can, live like there’s no tomorrow. In case there’s not, we’re better prepared. It’s painfully difficult to think about, yet it may be the only way to find solace in God’s plan.

  2. I’m definitely with Patty. And Jeff, it’s true that there is peace that passes understanding when God holds us close after losing a child. He is close to the broken-hearted and comforts those who have no hope. And His love casts out our fears.

  3. David, you speak from a place few people can speak from. We can feel it in your heart that you have seen (and maybe even touched) the gates of hell.

  4. Fear Itself. Seriously. F.D.R. was right, in my case. Classic, free-floating anxiety. I think it’s because if I worry about something, it never happens. It’s the things I never even considered that zap me when I’m not looking.

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