Carpe diem fatigue – is it real?

Writer quote in Iowa Marriott library
The 1st part I get, the 2nd is a bit confusing


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.  – Albert Einstein

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.  – Anais Nin

Live like you mean it.

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  1. Jeff,

    I have always liked that quote from Flannery O’Connor. I have used it in a class of mine I taught on leadership. For me, the ducks meant following the masses in day-to-day routine (kind of like rush hour in Atlanta). But those two hours of writing – that meant stepping out of the norm to do something extraordinary…sometimes something hard and alone. As you said, that’s seizing the day.

    I had a college professor that did his doctoral dissertation on Flannery O’Connor – he really brought her to life in class. If you know anything about her, she suffered great health problems that eventually took her life when she was young. So when she wrote, she wrote like there was no tomorrow, because in her reality, there wasn’t.

    I am sorry – just adding some background because the choice of her and the quote so greatly went with the thrust of your blogs today. Thank you.


  2. Bob, please know that I cherish your insight and welcome any and all of it with open arms. Am completely ignorant to who she was. Didn’t even know Flannery was a woman.

    All I know is that in the Marriott in Coralville, Iowa is a small library off the the lobby on the way to the elevators. A very beautiful and inspiring library, with one of the rolling ladders to climb to reach the books way up high. And a fireplace. 🙂

    Inspired by the situation in which she wrote – knowing her days were numbered.

    In fact, everyone’s days are numbered. Hope I write like that too.

    Be well and remain amazed.

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