How bad do we want a good attitude?

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How bad do we want a good attitude?

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  1. Jeff,

    What a great introspective question! It can be easy to not want it bad and pick up the bad attitude. Like a friend of mine says, “It’s easier to lie in and complain about the manure being all over you than to stand up and see all the fertilizer possibilities.” Perspective is key.


  2. Interestingly, as a follow-up, I was doing my morning devotional, and the devotional was about the same general concept. It is worth the read or listen (it’s a 2-3 minute devotional that has an audio version that gets played on some Christian radio stations) by Ron Hutchcraft. Here’s the link on “When You Just Don’t Feel Like It.”

  3. Bob, love the fertilizer story. It IS all about perspective. Will check out the link asap. Off to the races right now. 🙂

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