Flying high on a Mid Life Celebration?

Jumped out of the pool and ran up to the second floor roof (the water is still wavy)…

Space Shuttle retirement

The picture doesn’t do justice to what I saw, but at least shows it happened…

Space Shuttle retirement

Three hours later, on the way to Hartford… NYC below…

Manhattan and Brooklyn
Manhattan and Brooklyn

Where will your travels take you today? Will the scenery change? Will anything special catch your attention? So easy to get stuck in a rut… our similarities are different. Carpe diem today.

Back on the road today. Delta. First class cabin. Same old, same old for a road warrior. The usual morning jog, usual quick cool-down dip in the pool… then the Space Shuttle flew loud and low, by our house, on the back of a 747 it’s way to LA.

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  1. Upward, outward, in any direction. Our Priest just spoke about the definition of a mystic… someone who lives in the constant awareness of the presence of God.

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