It took forever (sound familiar), but it was worth it

never quit
we are awesome when we never quit

Mid  Life Celebration embraces not giving up, especially on your best childhood dreams. Here are a few things that personally took forever… reminders to all, to not quit:

  • 53 years… owning a swimming pool
  • 37 years (plus 2 to go)… retire
  • 30 years of monthly payments… paying off mortgage
  • 30 years… wrote the first sentence (to the first book)
  • 17 years (of marriage) (and life savings)… becoming a parent
  • 13 years… becoming a fearless public speaker
  • 11 years and counting… addiction free
  • 10 years of wellness… becoming a world-class master’s athlete
  • 3.7 years (infancy) small biz owner (just getting started really)

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