What’s a favorite memory of summer?

sanibel island
summers on Sanibel Island


Summer arrives early in central Florida. And summer passes quickly, the older we get. Most of us have amazingly fond memories of some carefree times during the few warm months school was out. For me it had to be spending time at Lincoln Way pool on Sunday’s after church.

A few neighbor families would pile into a couple cars and in five minutes, we’d be carrying our snacks and towels to our picnic table in the shade. Playing, swimming, friends, sun, and not a care in the world, save the long line at the high dive.

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  1. Family reunions in north Alabama. Sadly, we don’t have them anymore. They stopped a generation ago. Most of that was due to the family members a generation ahead of me having passed on.

    While the social aspect may still live in us the years and the miles separate us. Hoping to change that soon. We are searching for one more cousin and we will begin planning a cousin’s reunion to introduce extended family members to each other.

  2. David, thanks for sharing your favorite memory. I have similar great memories of Family reunions as a young boy. They seemed to stop around 7th grade. Something must have happened to the organizer, or to our household decision maker. Not sure why they/we stopped.

    The thing with reunions is someone has to coordinate and communicate. Maybe that person should be me?

  3. What? You’re making me pin down a year? Why can’t it be arbitrary? Isn’t it good enough that I said I would do it??????

    Fine. Reunion will be planned by December 31, 2012. Happy???


  4. Yep. Luckily, I’ve got family in 3 states (that is until we find the remaining cousin). Alabama, Florida and Georgia. It’s the Balentine family. The mom and dad are gone as well as the 5 children. 4 of the spouses are still alive and all live in Alabama. The children of the remaining spouses live in the three states with the largest concentration living in Alabama. So ‘Bama looks like the logical choice for the first reunion.

    Thanks for getting me started. 🙂

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