The winningest women’s college basketball coach died recently

Sanibel sunset
Family. We think and hope all our Family members will live to a ripe old age. Photo last night.


Pine Island Southern tip
We visited Pine Island’s northern and southern tip (above) yesterday. Pine Island is Florida’s largest at 18 miles x 2 miles. It ends here. Everything eventually comes to an end. It was an hour drive from Sanibel.


The winningest women’s college basketball coach died recently.

Article snippet:


She was diagnosed with early onset dementia in 2011 at the age of 59. Summit decided to retire in 2012, taking the role of “head coach emeritus.”


Above average physical health means nothing.

This is so easy to forget.

So we do.

Each day i fight the battle that begins with, “Your crazy idea that you want to live like your 60th birthday is your end day is overreacting.”

Says who?

Overreacting is an easy finger to point.

Live like you mean it.

PS. In 1996 my Dad, 58 years old, was diagnosed with early onset, rapid-progression Alzheimer’s disease.  My 57th birthday was a couple weeks ago.




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