Midlife Monday

Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish For

It’s back to work this morning for many people.

What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I know I would spend more time with my family!

    But in terms of a dream job – it would probably be a professional speaker.


  2. Believe me, Jeff – that is something I have been looking for. The kids are already set up in “homeschool” mode.

    I am actively seeking…and purposefully praying.

  3. One day last year I was spending yet another day care-taking and cleaning for someone who was seriously ill. I told my Mom, who was with me, “this is what happens when you don’t have a paying job; you end up doing the stuff that the people with jobs don’t have time for.” Sometimes I feel like getting a job so that I can at least get breaks and vacations. And get a paycheck and some benefits.

  4. Bob,
    Meg and I would love to go that route. Meg was homeschooled and we will be doing the same for our kids. We have a great desire to travel and do it on our own schedule.
    I would love to be self-employed in a manner that wouldn’t require being based in a single location. Living out of an RV, exploring God’s creation = incredible.
    Also, I highly recommend looking into the “unschooling” concept. It’s truly fascinating. It can also apply to other types of schooling, aside from homeschooling. But, that would require upsetting the highly controlled standardized testing environment. Of course, even for traditionally schooled students, it can be applied to home-life. I believe it’s what would create/inspire the innovators of the future.

  5. Yes Lorie, you have a point.
    From my vantage point, it seems as if you were doing a labor of love.
    Many folks labor, but not for love.
    As usual, you’ve provided a completely different angle, which is one of the things that adds so much value.
    Keep on thinking.

  6. Lorie: I’ve been there also. Life is made up of choices, and you have made the choice that really matters. Your heart is guiding you. I believe you will never regret choosing caring for another human being that needed you over making enough money to buy more “stuff”. Thank you for being the woman God intended you to be when it was needed.

  7. Donna, thank you for being part of the “tribe” here.

    As I follow your story at https://bulkmail4u.wordpress.com/ , you know full well that everything worthwhile takes way longer than you expect or hope.

    It is so cool to see Mid Life beginning the social, and helpful, support system it was envisioned to become.

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