Thirteen things we know (mostly), 13 days after Christmas

jeff noel Mid Life Celebration founder
jeff noel Mid Life Celebration founder

Thirteen things we know (mostly):

  • traditional thinking is good, it’s also bad
  • taking risks is risky, so is playing it safe
  • life’s wake up calls painful, but sent with love
  • our path got us where we are in life, we are not obligated to stay on it
  • doing things we don’t normally do leads someplace new
  • work life balance is highly desirable
  • there are five components to “balance”, not two, nor three
  • a year from now, we’ll wish we would have started today
  • because sooner or later it becomes crystal clear, our life isn’t a dress rehearsal
  • betting we all want an amazing life
  • betting we all deserve it
  • betting we think we don’t
  • hoping we’ll change our minds

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