One pre-Christmas wish for your attitude

One pre-Christmas wish for your attitude

Don’t let the fear of dying scare you. Nor the fear of living. It is the person who lives fully in the present that has no fear of either. Let the joy of living in the moment allow you to accept death whenever its time comes.

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  1. Thank you, Jeff — yours are truly thought-provoking sentiments today of all days. And, of course, who lives more in the moment than children! I pray that we’d all believe in love and goodness. I pray that our faith would increase. I pray that we would receive the comfort of others in these terribly hard days. I pray that the joy of living would overshadow the grief and the loss — that the memories of those lost this past week would shine like lights in a dark world.

  2. You’re welcome Natalie. This message was delivered Jesus-speed. Written three months ago to appear here today. May all the things you pray for above come true a thousand-fold.

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