Are we capable of transformational midlife change?

Honeymoon bicycle trip
Honeymoon photo, 1984; only 25 years old with no plans of ever becoming “old”.


We poison our soul so slowly we never notice. Our deeply engrained midlife habits can change even though it feels impossible to change.

What began as a groove in our youth has become a rut so deep, we can’t climb out.

A wakeup call is the only thing powerful enough to change this.

From our wakeup call, we can benefit in large as well as small, seemingly insignificant ways.

Yesterday i arrived early for a meeting with a Certified Financial Planner. We were both driving to a central location. He was 15 minutes late. Our first reaction is to get impatient. Then we start feeling unimportant as a customer. This makes us angry. Right?

But here’s what really happened.

After the initial tinge of impatience i quickly moved to, “i hope he is alright. i hope he didn’t get in an accident.”

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