American Idol Showdown

There's An American Idol Experience Here
There's An American Idol Experience Here

Love or hate it.  American Idol is down to the final two contestants. Both Crystal and Lee will become famous recording artists. Winning American Idol isn’t necessary for either, but the winner obviously will have endorsement opportunities that are harder to sell when you’re runner up.

Over the years we all become fans of a TV show or  two.  American Idol became a Family “event” years ago, after I became intrigued with Simon Cowell’s brutal honesty – which I found refreshingly inspirational.

This year, it’s still a Family event, minus my participation – too many other things clamoring for attention – until two nights ago.

And it was just last week, knowing that the season ends soon, I asked our son who he thought would win.  “Lee!”, he said.

What does today’s post have to do with midlife?

Everything. While the contestants do not get a second chance to “do over”, we do. It’s called midlife celebration – a once in a lifetime chance to:

  • Rethink
  • Reprioritize
  • Recommit

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