Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: What a wonderful world

Nature is art. Art is nature. (photo: Lorie Sheffer)


A decade of pessimism. Polls have shown that for an entire decade, the majority of people have had negative attitudes about our country. Ten years of looking through the lens of pessimism. How sad. How exhausting. How habitual.

I think back over the past ten years. I have gone to 8 funerals. My husband lost his job of 25 years. Two of the most important men in my life struggled through life threatening illness. I’ve had exactly three mini vacations, overnights, in the past 7 years. And yet I do not feel this sense of pessimism that seems to be sweeping the country. I’m not a very religious person, not one of the faithful. And yet I see hope and beauty all around me.  I look for the good in people and refuse to focus on the negative. Why? Because to do anything less would, in my mind, be a waste of this gift of life that I have been given. Perhaps I choose to remain positive because of, and not in spite of, all of those heartbreaking moments.  We can choose to be pessimistic, or we can choose to be optimistic. For me, it’s an easy call.

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