Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: Thank You for the 236th time

Disney's Partner's In Excellence


(photo: This morning at 9:00am)

Ever feel a simple thank you isn’t good enough?

To mitigate that, have told Lorie 235 times how important her posts are to Mid Life Celebration.

Why 235 times?

Well, because Lorie Sheffer has been Guest posting at Mid Life Celebration for 235 weekends in a row.

That’s 4.5 years.

Every. Single. Saturday.

Asked Lorie to take a breather because, more than anything, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The thought of Lorie not being here is painful.

She brings a wisdom, a caring, insights, compassion, humor, a woman’s thinking and most of all, an authenticity that is unmatched.

Authenticity is the new currency. We cherish it in others.

We long for it ourselves.

Thank you Lorie. For the 236th time. 🙂

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