Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer: (over)abundance

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(photo jeff noel: Epcot’s The Land pavilion garden from boat tour a few days ago)

Last winter meteorologists coined the phrase “Polar Vortex”. After digging out of the snow and ice, I stood in the produce section of the grocery store looking at pale, anemic tomatoes that had begun their journey far from my shopping cart. I passed on the substandard imposters. I longed for deep red, vine ripened, home grown.

This week the tomatoes in my garden are ripening at a rapid rate. My counter is full of them, I have given many of them to family and the saucepot seems to never leave my stove. My back aches from scalding, coring, peeling and seeding. I have canned and frozen. I am running out of ideas, and basil, for fresh tomatoes.

When we have too much of something, anything, we stop appreciating it. Why do we seem surprised when excess doesn’t lead to happiness?

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