Yes, some people will not like us for it

Florida wildflower field
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust


When are we gonna finally live full on?

No more holding back on what we really want to do?


Knowing we are going to die is the best incentive to start living full on – authentically.

Yes, some people will not like us for it.

And others will be cheering for us – and smiling – (and thinking, so glad she finally let go of her fear).

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  1. Thanks Bob. Each day is a brand new battle with the devil.

    Each day we eat, drink, wash, learn, etc.

    That’s one of the reason’s MLC posts are daily, redundant – the author needs that.

    The author craves it.

    The author is better for it.

    Daily, focused reminders.

    Never get bored with the basics.

    Have a beautiful day.

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