Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: Lessons from an old dog

Boy and dog on lake dock
We can observe a lot by watching, even from old dogs


I’m learning some things about life from an old dog.  She is given heart medication four times a day, hidden in a piece of potato roll that she sees as a treat. Her eyes are milky with cataracts and she has a crazy little tooth- one of the few that isn’t missing from her mouth- that juts out to the side. This summer she will be 16 years old, which is at the top of the life expectancy for a terrier. She is apparently unaware of all that.

I watch her tail wag from excitement as she stands by the door, ready to go out on our daily adventure/walk. She has the enthusiasm of a puppy. She bounds down the porch step and driveway, head held high. This old dog has not lost her happiness for life; she either has no concept of age or else she just doesn’t care. She’d rather be out exploring than napping in one of her soft dog beds. She never has to be coaxed to get up get moving. Always learning, always exploring, always ready for a new adventure. Maybe that’s her secret to feeling so young.

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