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Carved apples in cider for Halloween
Carved apples for Halloween (photo and carving: Lorie Sheffer)


I’m very open about the fact that I have an anxiety disorder. I manage it very well for the most part. What I’ve noticed is that most people, even those who don’t have an actual disorder, tend to worry about things over which they have no control. I suppose it’s human nature. Just this week, I listened to three friends who talked about a huge worry they had. While all three situations were very serious, all of them turned out just fine. It’s difficult NOT to worry, sometimes. But perhaps we should all keep in mind this favorite quote in those times of worry:

My life has been full of misfortunes, most of which have never happened. – Michel de Montaigne

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  1. Worry pretends to be necessary, but serves no useful purpose. – Eckhart Tolle. I reflect back on this quote often. Why do some people worry more than others? Is it really human nature or conditioned thinking? At what point in our life do we learn to worry? The one year old child seems to have no worries.

  2. Donna, a couple billion years (give or take) ago worry kept creatures from being eaten.

    An instinct to sense danger and take proactive action – because most creatures are weaker than the thing that wants to have them over for dinner. So waiting until the last minute to defend themselves meant certain death.

    Remember what we were taught about the food chain?

    Maybe that’s where worry originates.

    In today’s world we have irrational and rational worry.

    Yet as smart as we are, we rarely can tell the two apart.

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