Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer: Crisis

Three Mile Island


(photo Lorie Sheffer: Three Mile Island)

Remember when TMI meant something other than Too Much Information?

Think of all the things we worry about. Sometimes those worries are a huge group effort. The flames of fear and hysteria are fanned by misinformation and passed on as truth. Rumors and mistrust run rampant. Facts are thrown to the wind.

When the dust settles, the crisis has been averted and the experts are proven to have honestly been giving us facts and not trying to inexplicably mislead us with a lie, when the conspiracy theories die down, what then? What have we learned?

We all seem to fear most that which we do not understand, and yet how many of us make it a point to learn the facts?
Most of all, why do we only seem to care when the “crisis” is knocking on our own door?

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