Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: Creating the past

Pennsylvania lake
Still water generally has a calming effect on humans. So does letting go of pain. (photo: Lorie Sheffer)


“Do you hate him for abusing you all those years?”

I knew a woman who carried it with her, holding tightly to her hatred, for 90 years. She held it close in her heart until the day she died. I wondered if the same were true for everyone whose childhood memories of a leather belt extended beyond an accessory that held up their pants.

“No. If I were to carry around hatred for him then I would still have to live with being abused every day. I’d be abused by my hatred. I learned to let go and live the life I want for myself. That is how I made it stop. I learned to become the father I always wished I’d had. None of us can rewrite the past; what we can do is to make sure the life we create will some day be a past that our children and grandchildren look back on with love and happiness.”

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