Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer: Brain fog

Foggy morning at Delaware beach
Midlife can bring some really strange symptoms (photo: Gary Sheffer)


My husband came into the yard on Monday to ask me a question. I had been out there transplanting lavender, scrubbing the birdbath and watering my hanging baskets.

“Hey….. is there a reason that big pot of potatoes has been boiling on the stove for a LONG time?”

“Oh….. Um, yeah. Because I totally forgot about them.”

This led to a discussion among my female friends; apparently eggs explode when they cook dry, it doesn’t take long for a bathtub to overflow if it’s left running, and even the most well trained dog will pee on the floor if you forget to let it outside.

Memory lapses can give us a little moment of panic. We ARE getting older, and most of us know someone who has suffered from dementia. But we women have known for years that midlife can bring some really strange symptoms. Night sweats, dizziness, heart palpitations, and brain fog. Just last year, when my doctor asked how I was doing, I answered, “Sweaty and stupid.”  He assured me that while this was unsettling, it was also normal and in time would pass.

I was sleeping rather peacefully yesterday when my husband woke me up to share a newsflash. Menopausal brain fog is REAL! Studies have proven it! Wow. Alert the presses on that one. Next thing you know studies will prove that as some men age, their hair may thin or they may lose it altogether.

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