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College Life: Sofa, Beer & A Porch
College Life: Sofa, Beer & A Porch

The reason people who are successful have time to work hard is because they have traded their time trying to catch a buzz, for time trying to catch their dream.

There are enormous hours and energy wasted on having a good time.

But when the only one benefiting from your buzz is you, you are really being selfish.

Plain and simple.

When you decide to free up your time to create a buzz to help others, you’re whole life changes from meaningless to meaningful.

By jeff noel

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  1. I agree, doing for others reaps great Long term intrinsic value.

    I guess it depends how you define, “successful”. I know plenty of seemingly poor people who have plenty time to love their family, and happy as pie …successful in their eyes.

    as a workaholic myself, I know I need to be sure to balance the pursuit of business success with what matters most ( nicely articulated in your previous blogs).

    Keep up the good words, Jeff!

  2. Jake, totally agree with you. Money is not the measure of success, nor is time. It’s impact – whether it be on one small child, or two aging parents, a small classroom of students, or an entire nation.

    We both know many people who are cash rich but time poor. And vice versa.

    Balance has many interpretations.

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