You can observe a lot by watching

thinking differently
In an airport.


thinking differently
Have never seen this done before. He made it up himself, to watch things. i was watching people at the airport and saw him – and learned something.


You can observe a lot by watching.

Your habits are yours to make, break or both.

Habits are yours to identify.

The good, to accentuate.

The negative ones, to eliminate.

Drinking coffee and diet coke was a decades-long habit. It came with pros and cons.

Long-term for the future, i saw it as detrimental.

It controlled me in a way i didn’t think was healthy.

No control.




No one forced me to change.

i changed anyway.

There are people you know who are constantly looking for their next fix.

And then there’s the paradox of accepting certain addictions because they have fewer negative consequences.


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