Welcome back home to Walt Disney World

Out for an hour-plus leisurely walk after breakfast, passing time until 10:30am when i would leave the Kentucky Drury Inn for the airport to come home.

Stumbled into a Barnes and Noble and what was staring at me in the foyer book racks?




Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park is obviously listed in this book.


Glacier National Park
No photo credit is given for the Park this photo was taken. i’m betting on Glacier.


Glacier National Park
So i only want to open to page 338 and see the pictures.


Glacier National Park
Waterton (the Canadian sister Park with Glacier) is the first photo.


Glacier National Park
This is America’s only International Peace Park.


Glacier National Park
Well over one million acres.


Glacier National Park
The first trip involves an 8-day bike rental. Access to higher elevation trails won’t happen until mid-July this year.


Intentionally resisting the countdown until today.


Never want to post in real time when i’m away from home, especially an 11-day absence.

So, now that i’ve reached a safe date to begin a countdown…

Only 20 days until the flight to Kalispell, Montana.

And in the same breath, “Welcome back home to Walt Disney World.”

May 30 – June 10.

Leave in 20 days, return in 30.

Eleven days of writing.


Sales meetings with:

Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, Whitefish Chamber of Commerce, Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce, Glacier Conservancy, Xanterra Resorts, and The National Park Service.

Note: This post goes live the day after i return from an 11-day writer’s retreat in Glacier National Park.


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