Mid Life Deconstruction

A Few Days Ago There Were 230 in Uncategorized
A Few Days Ago There Were 230 in Uncategorized

Happy Cyber-Monday. Hope you had a nice weekend. A few quick updates:

  • Deconstructing Mid Life Celebration a little.
  • Removed a few of the Header Pages
  • These former Pages are posted below for posterity
  • Re-categorizing” all the Uncategorized Posts

So the Randy Pausch, The Christmas Gift and Better Blogging 101 are gone from the Header Pages. And soon, the Uncategorized category will be empty.

Pardon the cyber-dust.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    We spent some time together in Sig Ep many suns ago. I wanted to say hello! I remember when you said you were going to go to Disney for a semester- that turned into quite a long semester!!! I remember marvelling at your cross-country bike trips, and we certainly had fun at West Chester. Take Care, Jeff!!
    Bob Murphy

  2. Bob, what a nice surprise to find you here. Yes, almost a 27-year semester. Turned in the bike for jogging shoes 11 years ago and to say we had fun almost feels like the understatement of the century. 🙂
    Be well and do great work.

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