One week to impossibly impossible

home office
Yesterday morning with the sun shining brightly from the East.
Hey mic and iPhone setup
Couple nights ago i attempted to synch bluetooth devices. Didn’t work. Was still able to record my first rough-draft speech template for an audience of 12, at a senior citizen care facility.

One week to impossibly impossible.

April Fools Day, 2009, remember?

When i do the TED Talk in five weeks, will the world record be official by then? Will i mention it? Guessing no on both questions.

What’s more impossible, getting invited to Kuwait to deliver a TEDx Talk, or setting a world record for most blog posts written by a single author?

Today, March 24, 2019, neither. But had you asked five, 10, 15 years ago, easy answer would have been an emphatic, “Guaranteed impossible!”

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