I write knowing it could go either way

Hilo Hawaiian lobby is where the Hawaii writing gets done
Hilo Hawaiian lobby is where the Hawaii writing gets done


All posts are created fresh each and every morning, and this post was written in real time, in Hawaii, with four other posts – no different from any other day. The main goal of these blogs is to leave a trail for our Son (12) in case something bad ever happens to me.

Many of you know this and it’s important to keep that vision in the forefront.

A life guide so to speak. Our Son may never read these posts. Or he may treasure them and re-read the ones he likes best.

I write knowing it could go either way.

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  1. Bob, yes and… it also, and perhaps more importantly, brings the notion of peace and contentment into focus.

    Heaven forbid something bad happens to me, for example, there would not be a rush (nor need, nor worry) on my part to fill in the blanks for my Family.

    Yes the risk is this could all be invisible to an unwilling audience.

    And a tragedy if a willing audience had nothing.

    Life is interesting, and challenging, and exciting like that.

    Be well and remain amazed.

  2. There is a risk for an unwilling audience…but the initial effort was simply for an audience of one. 🙂

  3. Bob, your comment triggered something about my previous comment. What I meant was what if the intended audience of one (Chapin) was unwilling?

    What if he decided he didn’t need advice or insight? Or didn’t like my advice/observations?

    Yes, there was a time (fairly long ago) when driving traffic to these sites seemed important – primarily because that was/is the prevailing advice.

    So here’s my advice. Do what you’re passionate about (your art, if you will) whether anyone else pays attention or not.

    God is paying attention.

    And you’ll sleep in peace at night.

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