Blogging with Benefits for 8+ years

Note to self: You’ll regret backing off. Don’t do it.


Loosely structured from a Pinterest board:

  1. Ranking – front page for “Disney Keynote Speaker”
  2. Growth – in a word, transformation, from writing 3,200+ days
  3. Skills – confidence & conviction
  4. Marketing (see #1) – Google front page for Disney Speaker
  5. Clarity – life is complicated if we don’t figure it out
  6. Content – 16K+ published posts (and counting)
  7. Development – seeing thoughts on digital-paper is pure honesty
  8. Accessibility – digital thought-content is permanent
  9. PR – you can’t fake your life’s work
  10.  Impact – Maybe one or two people’s lives change

•  •  •  •  •

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By jeff noel

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